BKK Reefmaster

BKK Reefmaster

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4 different sizes, - extremly sharp, - big eye

Reefmaster Hg BKK Hooks International

Jual BKK ReefMaster-NP - 5/0 - Kota Denpasar - Onewayfishing

BKK SF Deep-HG Long Heavy Jigging Assist Hooks

BKK SF REEFMASTER SF8070HG ~ Assist Jigging Fishing Hook

The BKK SF-Deep Assist Hooks are designed to tackle massive deep-water fish species with a fast jigging approach. The SF DEEP comes pre-tied with BKK’s high quality hollow core cord, made of four strands interwoven into a strong and flexible assist line able to handle big fish. Besides, the glow binding thread on the hook – protected by a transparent shrinking tube – enhances the attractiveness in deep and dark water conditions.

BKK SF Reefmaster NP Assist Hooks 3/0

Bkk Reefmaster Np 1/0 - Sea Fishing Hooks

BKK Reefmaster NP Jigging Hook

Jual Bkk Reefmaster 8070-3x-np Kail Jigging 3x Di Seller Retail

BKK Reefmaster HG Jigging Assist Hooks - The Bait Shop Gold Coast

The BKK SF ReefMaster HG assist hook is a versatile jigging hook developed for fast jigging applications. The assist hook comes pre-tied with high-quality natural hair that significantly enhances the presentation of the jig in the water. Even when fish are inactive, this feathered hook equipped with a glowing thread can stimulate them triggering more strikes. The braided line used for the assist is soft and extremely strong at the same time.

BKK SF Reefmaster HG Assist Hooks 4/0

The BKK Reefmaster HG is a versatile jigging hook developed for medium and fast jigging applications. BKK deployed its ultimate Hand-Ground hook point

BKK ReefMaster Jigging Light Hook - No. 8090-3X-HG - Size 9/0-4 Pcs

BKK SF Reefmaster NP Hooks - Long | Size 7/0

BKK SF REEFMASTER NP LONG - perfect for long knife jigs when fish

Jual BKK REEFMASTER HG Jigging Hook No. 8070-3X-HG Mata Pancing