Ocean Born Oblhfpp100sllgc Flying Popper 100 Sld Lime Glow Chartreuse

Ocean Born Oblhfpp100sllgc Flying Popper 100 Sld Lime Glow Chartreuse

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The Flying Popper is a classic design with a difference. The traditional narrow-neck popper is known for castability and versatility – it works in all conditions, including rough water and current. But the Flying Popper is a leap forward in design. The side wings enhance aerodynamics and give the lure lift once it’s in the water. The low air friction ribs reduce air resistance and add water turbulence.

Ocean Born OBLHFPP100FLGRB Flying Popper 100 Floating Green Back : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

SPECS, LURE, Length, Weight, Hook Size, Hook Quantity, Flying Popper 100 FL, 3 ¾“ (100mm), ¾ oz (20g), #1, 1, Flying Popper 100 SLD, 3 ¾“ (100mm), 1 ½

Flying Popper 100

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You can't catch what you can't reach. The Ocean Born Flying Popper is aerodynamically optimized to power your casts far into the distance without limiting its unique fish-catching action. Designed by Patrick Sebile, the Flying Popper features side wings and low-friction ribs that reduce air resistance yet enhance turbulence in the water.

Ocean Born Flying Popper

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