Spike-It Marker

Spike-It Marker

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SPIKE-IT Dip-N-Glo™ Crawfish Scented Dye Markers (2pcs) #Black Lures buy at

Quickly and easily changes and customizes the color of. worms and grubs to meet changing water conditions and. patterns. Long-lasting scent is combined with vivid color to. create a proven fish attractant.

Spike It Markers, Blue

Spike-It Marker

Spike-It UV Glo Marker

Spike-It Scented Double Marker : Office Products

STINKUM is an all natural fish scent made with real baitfish. Yes, real baitfish! You make your lure swim like a real baitfish, now make it smell like one! Spike-It Scented Markers quickly customize or change the color of any soft plastic lure to meet challenging water conditions or fish patterns. Scented Markers offer the luxury of long-lasting scent and color change with the simplicity of a marker, making lure alterations easier than ever.

Spike-It Garlic Scented Markers - Chartreuse

SPIKE-IT Scent Marker 2er Set 2 Stück Crawfish Pink Hecht Zander


Spike-It Marker GAMEFISH — Ratter Baits

Spike It Markers, Dipping Die & Glue - Tackle Warehouse