Tecnifibre Razor Soft Tennis String Reel

Tecnifibre Razor Soft Tennis String Reel

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The Tecnifibre Razor Soft Carbon 17g Tennis String (Reel) is one of many string designs offered by Tecnifibre strings dedicated to all player levels and requirements. This new string capitalizes on the most efficient of Tecnifibre’s monofilaments, the Razor Code. The Razor Soft string has a recommended tension between 22 and 25 kg and a maximum tension of 32 kgs. Polyurethane additives have been added to the Razor Soft to make the string more comfortable.

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The string which contains all of Tecnifibre's flagship technologies. A mix of Elastyl and H2C fibres for high power and tension maintenance. Unparalleled comfort and excellent shock absorption. PU 400 (polyurethane) for maximum elasticity. 50 % Elastyl, 50 % Fibres H²C 12 meters cut length string set from fresh reel. Does not include retail packaging.

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Tecnifibre's Razor Soft string combines the performance of the Razor Code monofilament with polyurethane additives, creating an ideal blend of

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