VEVOR Inflatable Boat

VEVOR Inflatable Boat

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Five-Person Capacity: This inflatable boat supports up to 1100 lbs/499 kg, offering a spacious interior for comfortable seating and ample legroom. Easily foldable for storage, it fits in the trunk for convenient transport to your aquatic adventures, making it an ideal choice for water play and fishing. Enhanced PVC Durability: Constructed from thick, enhanced PVC, this inflatable raft boasts superior tensile strength and puncture resistance, ensuring reliable performance in marine conditions.

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It accommodates an engine of up to 15 horsepower or an electric towing motor. Robust Construction: Constructed with thick PVC for superior tensile

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This VEVOR inflatable dock is a must for water enthusiasts of all kinds. You can use it as a floating resort to play, fish or layout and watch the sunset from the water. Kids love to jump and play on this floating dock. It is constructed with PVC material for super rigidness and stability. Electric air pump for quick and instant inflation/deflation. The floating dock will bring you lots of fun all summer long.

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