Z-Man Finesse TRD Perfect Perch

Z-Man Finesse TRD Perfect Perch

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The Finesse TRD (The Real Deal) by Z Man is designed specifically for the Ned Rig. The finesse style Ned Rig has been gaining in popularity all over the world as a subtle and easy yet amazing and effective, presentation. Z Man made the Finesse TRD using a softer version of Z Man's ElaZtech Plastic. Using the upgraded ElaZtech plastic provides a realistic feel, longer holds, and increased hook-up ratios.

Finesse TRD 2.75 ElaZtech Stick Bait by Z-Man

Z-Man Finesse TRD 2.75

Z-Man Big TRD Perfect Perch Jagged Tooth Tackle

Z-Man Finesse TRD 8pk

Z Man Finesse TRD - Green Pumpkin

Z-Man Finesse TRD

The Z-Man Big TRD incorporates the familiar profile and irresistible action found in the very popular Finesse TRD. It features the same stickbait profile and dimpled body as the Finesse TRD. The upsized Big TRD draws much more attention to help trigger bigger bites. Made to go with Z-Man's Power Finesse ShroomZ jigheads. This pairing offers anglers an incredibly versatile finesse fishing package that delivers unmatched durability, buoyancy, and action for more fish-catching results.

Z-Man Big TRD Green Pumpkin; 4 in.

Z-Man Finesse TRD - Bubble Gut

Z-Man Finesse TRD, Susquehanna Fishing Tackle

The Finesse TRD Ned Rig Worm is designed specifically for the Midwest finesse style of fishing, commonly known as the Ned Rig. This presentation has been gaining popularity nationwide as subtle, easy-to-master, yet amazingly effective. The TRD possesses the ideal finesse profile in a ready-to-fish package.

Z Man Finesse TRD Gamechanger

Sized to be effortlessly inhaled by crappies, panfish and all species, the Micro TRD features the all-time great TRD stickbait profile in a 1.75-inch size. 10X Tough ElaZtech composition means the bait will withstand dozens and dozens of strikes and fish-catches per bait. Extra soft, buoyant material ascends off bottom at rest, assuring the Micro TRD is constantly attracting attention. Pairs seamlessly with Z-Man Micro Finesse ShroomZ jigheads.

Z-Man Micro TRD - Coppertreuse

Z-Man 4 Big TRD (The Real Deal) Ned Rig

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Z-man Finesse TRD Ned Rig Jig Head Bundle

Z Man Finesse TRD White Lightning